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Telx Set to Open Flagship Data Center in New Jersey Data center operator Telx announced on Wednesday it is set to open NJR3, the company new 215,000 square foot, three story flagship data center in Clifton, New Jersey. Telx first revealed details last year about the flagship data center. Locatedat 100 Delawanna Avenue,Telx data center campus encompasses both NJR2 and NJR3 data centers, which spans over 415,000 gross square feet. The move comes a few months after Telx completed its purchase of its new NJR2 data center from Mountain Development Corporation, as well as attained Tier III status for the NJR3 data center. NJR3 adds more than 100,000 square feet of high power density, energy efficient space allowing for customizable colocation space to meet the growing requirements of global clients for heavily networked, outsourced infrastructure solutions. Certified as a Tier III design by the Uptime Institute and like all of Telx other data centers, NJR3 is a fully managed, carrier neutral environment for enterprises,

for celiac disease is to completely
Cheap NFL jerseys eliminate gluten from the diet. But this isn’t an easy task, given that gluten is added to such random foods as deli meats
Cheap wholesale jerseys and nutritional supplements."Patients may also have an allergy to gluten, which is different than Celiac Disease," says David H. Berman, MD, FACP, FACG at the Mount Sinai division of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology and Park Avenue Medical Professions. "Approximately 1 in 30 adults with abdominal symptoms are actually allergic to gluten." Gluten allergies can produce symptoms similar to Celiac but will not cause the more serious side effects associated with the disease. According to Berman, patients with gluten allergies can tolerate small quantities of gluten, but only if they are currently symptom free. That being said, gluten free diets can be useful for a large portion of the population as long as it’s done right.Is Gluten Bad For the Rest of Us?It seems you can’t walk down a supermarket aisle or scan a restaurant menu these

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Articles Connexes?

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